Wearing an Indian Wedding Sari in Gujarati styles

The Gujarati ways, also known as the seedha pallu way of saree, is also seen usually donned by the woman of many northern state like, (MP) Madhya Pradesh, (UP) Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar. The first and basic difference in these styles of drape an Indian saree is that here the pleat of a saree faces the right, opposing to the other facing left. Also what are different about the Gujarati ways of saree is that the pallu come from the back to front from right side. After which it is spread across the chest and left edge are tucked in the petticoat at back. These styles work marvel and wonder for fear that your Indian wedding sari has an elaborated borders and you wants it displayed.

indian wedding sareesStep No. 1 :

Starting at navel the tuck plain ends of the Indian saree into the petticoat keep the entire saree on left and continue tuck till you take an complete turns. Alter the lower ends of the saree to the height require. Preferably foot wear is wear prior to drape the gujarati saree so that you draped the saree to right length.

india wedding sareeStep No. 2 :

Now the next step is starting pleating the saree from the center of your waist by attractive (around 8 – 9) two to three inches pleats make. Hold the pleats together definitely. Make sure that the pleats are of same in the length. Put them at centre of a waist to your right side.

india wedding saree onlineStep No. 3 :  

Now take the remaining sari to the left just about back and above your right shoulder keep the desire length for the pallu. Fold the pallu into the pleat and put the left bottom border of the pallu inside the shift or (petticoat). Then make safe the pleat with pin.

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  1. Saree is an integral part of Indian tradition,during occasions women prefers to wear sarees.These tips are very helpful for women how to put new styles in designer sarees.Wearing a saree in different styles is not easy always.Thanks for providing these tips.

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