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With the end of 2014, it’s time for us to re-live the fashion styles that made the industry buzz with appreciation and contemplation. The sarees have been considered a very traditional source of styling but this year this style has won hearts and has become famous amongst the people and in the Bollywood as well. Various celebrities have been caught on camera flaunting their beautiful sarees for the paparazzi.

The Most eye-capturing saree designs of 2014

1. Printed Sarees

Printed sarees are simple yet elegant design. They come in various printed design and look gorgeous with a set of stylish blouse. These can be heavily printed and also can be normally printed with borders working the glamor for them.

These sarees are a perfect choice for formal wear. As I said before, they are simple yet elegant.

Printed Formal Saree


2. Plain Sarees with heavy borders.

These sarees have become the choice for every woman out there as they look beautiful and can be easily carried. Various celebrities have adorned them and have rocked the environment with these tremendously beautiful designer wears.

These sarees are a perfect eye catcher this season. Specially, this festive season the girls are melting the hearts with their elegantly gorgeous looks.



3. Kanjeevaram Sarees

These sarees have been in the market forever and ever. They never run out of fashion. They have different and esteemed region of the fashion industry reserved for them from ages. The famous and elegant Rekha have made this style undying. She is always seen in a mesmerizing silk kanjeevaram saree.

Since these sarees are really heavy and intricately woven people consider them for ladies and not young girls but this misconception has come to ruin when Alia Bhatt was seen wearing these beautiful silk sarees in the movie 2 states. Since the movie has rocked the theaters every girl wishes to buy this type of sarees.

These saree have light prints and heavy golden borders. Sometimes these borders are woven of pure gold. These sarees are famous in the southern part of India. But with time they have gradually formed their place in the northern markets as well.



4. Multicolored Sarees with heavy borders

We have already talked about the single colored sarees of the same kind but this multi-colored style is booming the markets as well. They are layered with either the tones of the same color or have some mesmerizing contrasts soothing the eye.

These sarees look ravishing when they are paired with heavy blouses. The sarees are simple because of the plain looking colors and just designer borders but heavy blouses give them an altogether different look. These are sarees for all the ages and this style is here to stay!

Multi colored heavy border saree - Karishma Kapoor


5. Lehenga Style Sarees

This is the new saree style. Imagine a saree without pleats. It is easy to drape and convenient to carry.Though this has been in the market for a while but they have grabbed the attention only in this wedding season. With this festive season they have become the choice for every woman in the town. These sarees look beautiful, are very catchy and give you two choices in hand. You can drape them in whichever style you wish and both the styles will rock your personality. So it is a win-win style.

Lehenga Style Saree - Yellow Pink


6. Lace Border Sarees

These sarees have boomed the fashion industry with their sheer beauty and elegance. They come in varied colors and have intricate borders. These borders add a life to the plain colors. These designer sarees are a great choice for office parties and get-together where you want to look stunning and yet not out of the line.

Lace Border Saree - Green Color


7. Net Sarees

These sarees are the heavy ones and thus can be categorized under the Bridal Sarees.They have very heavy borders and their front is also all embezzled with heavy stone work or designs. They are gorgeous and look great but they are made strictly for the family occasions where you are ought to wear these!

These look best when paired with simple blouses as the saree would itself speak in volumes about your fashionable personality.

Net Saree - Off White


These were the various booming styles of 2014. Now, you know your priorities and all you have to do is choose these styles from our store daindiashop.com. We have a varied collection of these styles that surely suits the needs of your every occasion.

The ladies and young girls out there are requested to add up some points if there are any, also comment or compliment on this article… or suggest if we missed some hot 2014 saree patterns.

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