How to Wear Indian Sarees to Looks Slim?


Probably a saree is one of the most beautiful women are not only in India but in the world as well. There are many advantages of an Indian sari which most Indian women are aware. A sari can hide your body flaws, can increase manifold your beauty and make you look slim and tall. If some things are kept in mind then more or overweight women may also look slim waist in a sari. Here are the things that can play big role to make you slim.

indian sarees onlineFabric of Sarees

  • The plus size women should always choose light weight sari cloth that stick close to the body.
  • Georgette, crepe, chiffon are the some light weight sarees that stick to your body and help you looking slim.
  • Plus size and short women should avoid certain special sarees such as silk sarees, kanjeevaram saree, tissue saree, cotton saree, chiffon saree, crepe saree, georgette saree as they do not stick to the body shape, but instead they add volume to your general shape. These types of Indian sarees are good for tall women and thin.
  • You can also go to sarees with light cotton slim.

buy sarees online  Border of Sarees

  • Border of the saree also plays an important role in your overall appearance.
  • Short women should not choose saris with broad border.
  • Narrow border sari without border is best for short women more size, because these types of sarees will make them look slim and tall.sarees online usa

Sarees Draping Style

  • Outside of fabric, color, printing, or the border of the sari draping style is also important to make you look slim.
  • You should carefully drape your sari without doing become loose everywhere.
  • Opt for not less wrinkles while draping sari, the greater the number of pleats add volume to your appearance.
  • Hide your body flaws by saree, for example, if the fat around your waste and belly, then hide these areas by the sari.


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