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Latest Salwaar Kameez Designs

punjabi hair styles steps

All Punjabi kudis out there reading this piece might start dancing on the very thought of the song “Kali Teri Gut Te Paranda Tera Laal Ni”.

punjabi hair styles

Punjab is not just a land of Bhangra and Lassi, the Sarson Da Saag and Makke Di Roti virtually grows on you. But punjabi hair styles is that one thing which adds bubbly charm and lingering magic to the lifestyle.

indian punjabi suitsFrom bollywood diva Sonakshi Sinha to Kareena Kapoor and many more, Bollywood divas have sported some seete bajao Punjabi hair style with latest Punjabi suits in Lohri festival worth remembering.

punjabi suits online shoppingAs it is, the girls of Punjab are blessed with some of the most beautiful hair of India. Which is why, Punjabi hairstyle holds as much importance as much as juttis, phulkari and chooda.

latest punjabi suitsThere is Punjabi hairstyle for girl – whether for long hair, juda (bun) or for wedding. And the beauty of hair style for Punjabi suit is that it can be customized to Punjabi hair style for long hair, Punjabi juda hair style, hair styles for Punjabi wedding and Punjabi bridal hair styles.

punjabi suits onlinePunjabi hairstyle has grown with time as there are a number of variations available today such as worn up, down, formal, or even relaxed.


We assume all western wear counterpart is the cooler and trendier Indian wear. However, we cannot be further from the truth! Indian wear is not only perfect for hot and humid weather (so yes, it is actually “cool”); it is also very stylish and elegant. You really do not need to wait for ‘grow’ or festivals and weddings to ward you with sets and Indian classic cuts. You can look absolutely gorgeous in Indian clothes and very young and statuesque at once – provided you the good style.

Do not believe us? Here are few pictures of some of flaunts smart mode, which will surely convince you to make the Indian fashion a part of your everyday life…

Dis-diff-71615-800x800 Dis-diff-71616-800x800 Dis-diff-T4338-800x800 silk sareeindian lehengas online indian salwar suitsindian suits onlineindian salwar kameezGet more collections at

Best deals

We know you like to follow latest style and trend. That’s why we now bring you a detailed list and descriptions of our products and the most efficient lines each month.

Since we get our customers ready for whatever the world, the best sellers each month are an indicator measures the latest fashion trends – worldwide, as well as and the hottest trends of the season hautest. The best selling products are also good indicators of what people liked in terms of colors, fabrics, product quality, designs, cuts and silhouettes.

At, in July 2016 was a month full of pleasant surprises. There were special sales discount offers, which received a great response, so we had to extend one of the offers by popular demand. Obviously, our registered customers have come to know these offers first. If you also want to be in the loop of these amazing offers, please subscribe to

Merchandise the entire online site has been sold. But the demand for salwar suitsanarkali suits, floor-length suits, pant suits etc. are the highest, with the sacred Eid and Ramadan season. Elegant salwar suit sets are very popular, even in the United States, Canada, Italy, Srilanka, Pakistan, Australia, Dubai, United Kingdom etc… – where July are the months of summer wedding. We also sold a number of India inspired dresses, accessories and ready made blouses, Indian sarees, salwar suits and designer lehengas were clear winners.

Though the month has generated enough business and goodwill, there were some problems too. However, we have learned, in the process, and we thank our customers for their interest and response.

Now, without further ado, let’s looks at the Indian ethnic ensemble that has made our best selling list.

salwar suits onlineindian suits onlineindian salwar suitsindian salwar suit


Note: To buy Pakistani suits for Eid 2016 up to Rs. 5500, Get 10% off Use coupon code special010

Complimenting Colours Pakistani Suits Available

Another awesome way to look different in Pakistani suits this Eid is to experiment with different shades that could compliment each other. Rose, dust, and green – which can perhaps put together all colors in an outfit? Doing this in a way to make it look super good, keep the colors in the right proportions and mix it all so well is just outside the task of the world. And there is simply no reason why you should skip the gathering of such a piece!!!

pakistani suits 

Off White Pakistani Suits

Pastels are hot this season. Well, they rocked last summer too. But some just do not like those. These dull light colors are not our type. Neither have we loved these bright colors that pinch eyes. What to do when you find yourself in such a situation?

pakistani suits online 

Opt for shades of white colour. For example, the off white Pakistani suits comes with embroidery massive (and very affordable) with a beautiful dupatta. How cool is that? This look is chic and requires minimal work on the accessories and makeup. Just a dark lipstick and you’re good to go.

pakistani lawn suits 

Wait! There is more. Pakistani suits online for Eid 2016 is even better because it has a beautiful pattern on the back. For those of you who like to put their hair in a bun, these costumes are amazing. A beautiful dress with a boring back is just not for you. You need a dress that is awesome at the front and the rear. It’s the right one!!!

designer pakistani suits 

Bright Colour Pakistani Suits

We have a new Pakistani fish cut style suits, traditional floor length Anarkali; the color of experimentation and a subtle style for those who do not like pastels and bright colors. Talking about a bright shade now. How about red?

pakistani anarkali suits 

This is a color that even if Indian women prefer not suitable for everyone. With the right color and style, it will be good. Otherwise it can be a disaster. Choose carefully.

special anarkali suits collection for Eid 2016

What a celebration without new cloth? Every time we celebrate Eid festival by gifting new dresses to family members. Have you done this? Do you like to wear new clothes for the festival occasion?

anarkali suits online 

At we celebrate Eid with our unique anarkali suits online for Eid. We come with several special anarkali suits collection for Eid 2016, and they are always showered with love by people. This time, we decided to pick up some fantastic drawings to show you. In addition, we have some tips hidden fees mode in this position in order not to scroll through the images, read!!!

anarkali suits online shopping 

Note: To buy these online anarkali suits for Eid 2016 at 10% off Use coupon code special010.

Fish Cut Anarkali Suit Shopping Online

Just because the floor length anarkali suits still look good does not mean you have to wear the same old costume style. Try a new and modern look. A fish cut Anarkali suit, available exclusively at DaIndiaShop, is a high selection.

anarkali suits online india 

Beware!!! This is not for you if you have a heavy bottom. It will highlight the problem area and make it look worse. If you have a thin physique or just tiny butt, this kind of dress will make you look amazing!

indian anarkali suits online 

Traditional Anarkali Suit with Polka Dots Retro

It is clear that the first style was not for everyone. But there is one style that suits everyone, and that is the length of Anarkali Suit floor. Now, here’s what you can do to make it different.

indian anarkali suits 

Try to have a suit with different patterns. For example, the combination below embroidered patches on the section and top polka dots on the section that starts from the stomach. Usually the Anarkali floor length net is just embroidered piece with the same model everywhere. This is something you should avoid this year.

buy anarkali suits online 

Generally, the Anarkali floor length combinations for Eid come with simple dupatta that are so cool. Get something with subtle embroidery or work.

eid collection 2016

It amazes me that you are still looking for the dress you will wear on the occasion of Eid. Postponing things until the end often leave you with unpleasant surprises. Furthermore, the sales go high arrow next to the party and tailors are almost always overworked. Why take such a great opportunity?

salwar suits online I suggest you make it quick and find a perfect outfit for you. I set up a list of the most affordable salwar suits for Eid 2016. Why are they called as “affordable”? They are not the cheapest you get on the market, but with the kind of quality and design you get, it’s like unless it can get. Care to have a look? Read to know the intricate details of each piece as you scroll through the images.

indian suits online Do you know what the hottest design is ethnic wear these days? These are anarkali suits jacket style. Jackets with fine embroideries are in vogue and I could not hide this piece more. It is mid-length Anarkali suit with a similar design of the neck and a highly embroidered jacket just gives an excellent finish to this dress. Basically, it has a lace which makes the whole outfit looks even. With a close-neck design, you will not have to do much with accessories. Just a pair of large earrings is sufficient. Do not go for any other statement piece that the jacket should be the focus of room here.

indian salwar suits If you do not want an anarkali suits this is a dress that will excite you. Another good point about this costume is that it has no embroidery on it. It is actually a light casual wear piece that can easily get your outfit for Eid and can be used as semi-wear party now. With the latest trend of shoulder cut, it thin shoulders and see-through embroidery on neck. There is also an embroidery band on the lower edge and the rest of the dress is block printing. The fabric is new and super comfortable – French Crepe. What’s not to like this dress?

indian suits online shopping What if you are not a fan of embroidery thread? I’m afraid you would not have loved the first two dresses but you will certainly love this heavily embroidered Anarkali suits. He resham, zari and sequins aari work and a border of lace band. The use of zari gold with glitter made just watch this super nice dress. The fabric is clean and we all know how costume net Anarkali look good on such occasions. Have we not? Wear light accessories with it.

indian salwar suits online Laces are very trendy these days. Ladies go crazy to get a lace dress at the border. This salwar suit has a huge piece of embroidery on the top and a lace border surrounded by strips of clothing on both sides. A matching design is at the bottom of the salwar. Close salwar cut would look amazing with this tissue. In addition, the dupatta border was well decorated as well. Try it!

indian suit online This A-line anarkali suits has straight panels that gives a look very accentuating your figure. There is a net anarkali suits with embroidery on the bottom edge. The dupatta embroidered on the sides and longer thin grounds everywhere. But this is not it. It has a nice jacket that has a good job of cut and makes you look very stylish and beautiful.

buy indian suits online This is inexhaustible list. There are lots of online Indian salwar suits for Eid 2016 at available at a very affordable range. Do check them out!

indian suits online at daindiashop

Advantage 1:

It is comfortable not matter that the last thing 16 then considers the precious pocket money expenses is the comfort factor, the fact remains that the Indian salwar kameez are one of the most beautiful and comfortable women wear all weather held us have. Indian Salwar suit helps keep costs those hot sultry days (364 days a year in this country!) Because it does not stick to anyone body. Spare parts Indian suits you mental agony you can meet at a date your panty line shows – usually the case with hip hugging low waisters. No longer do you have to face the humiliation of a “free show” when the wind runs away with your skirt. Let’s face it; it is never that Monroe made out to be.

indian suits onlineAdvantage 2:

Size no bar the Indian salwar suit is an outfit that will bring out the best in you, no matter what your vital statistic. A loose kameez is the perfect camouflage for additional layers and vertical impressions produce a slimming effect. A small bust can be enhanced by embroidery at the neck or other superfluities such as wooden button, bead or bright yokes. Then, if you consider yourself a bit too “well endowed” and the simple round neck, necklaces and the work done at the bottom of the kameez is the best bet.

indian suits online shoppingAdvantage 3:

You can have the variety available in innumerable designs, materials, and sizes and for all budgets; the Indian suit online is certainly an exciting outfit. All it needs is a little imagination and viola! You have one that’s right for you. Something simple to wear to college or be dressed for a wedding or night does. You can in no way go wrong with it since Indian suits and salwar kameez all occasions. Add to that the fact that Indian salwar suits online readily available, unlike those elusive shoes you spotted some ‘firang magazine and pray fervently that the cousins remember to bring the land of the “phoren”. The best part is that even your friendly neighborhood darzi will do a great job of stitching a salwar suits India.

indian salwar suitsAdvantage 4:

He is gracious, I know, I know, what happened to hot (!) And hip (!) Is what you ask. But there is no denying the fact that Indian salwar suit is very graceful and gives the user an aura of feminine charm. Do not believe me? Ask the men. Contrary to our perception of them being of flesh-ogling voyeurs, a surprising number would agree.

salwar suits onlineAdvantage 5:

Doubles as a safety device finally, if your plane is about to crash the salwar can double as a parachute!! You can tie the ends together and stick to the “nada” for dear life. Instead of falling to the ground at 100 miles or hour, you’ll find yourself gliding to safety as the wind fills this machine.

indian suits online shoppingAfter putting the many benefits of these adaptable outfits, in royal democratic spirits, I declare that, ultimately, it is to you guys to decide what clothes will occupy maximum space on your storage shelf (sincerely hope that the “life” you salwar suit reduce somewhat and he will see the light of day more than just once a year, leave school or college or strange marriage). As for me, I sleep deeply when I’m on a flight.

indian suits online 

Indian salwar suit work as the show user in the summer season and has record itself as the maximum sale item among the Indian wear.

Cotton salwar suits are consider as quite popular when compared as per quality and price. When it comes to buy Indian suits online, the varieties are set in abundance. Discuss various kinds of Indian salwar suits:

salwar suits online Pure Cotton Salwar Suits

A popular asks for of summer season and is loved by summer wardrobe. It has quality to disappear when wash for very first time. These types of fabric are quite cool and best to be worn when the weather is extremely hot or summer season. Because of its qualities to keep the skin dry, it is prefer above all other synthetic clothe. The cotton salwar suit stands matchless in the respect to design, console, comfort, and cost.

indian suits online Khadi Cotton Suits

The khadi can be defined as the fine, viscose blend cotton. These types of cotton have quite lots many of traits and qualities. Khadi cotton is also taken alone or blended with the other types of fabric too that in turn has a big role to play in the manufacturing designer Indian cotton salwar suits. Those who preferred simplicity khadi cotton salwar suit in their wardrobe.

indian salwar suits Mix Cotton Salwar Suit

As the name suggested, it is not something pure. Usually, it holds the ratio of 50 percent pure cotton and 50 percent of any other type of synthetic fabrics. These are usually done to save fabrics from shrinkage in first wash as it imparts stiffness to fabrics when used as blends.

indian salwar suits online Other Types of Cotton Salwar Suits

Ahmedabad cotton, south Indian cotton, crush cotton, rajasthani cotton etc. are popular as some other type of cotton have an certain difference that completely depend upon the proportions as well as with facts as from where cotton has got create.

indian suits online shopping The attractiveness and beauty of these Indian suits apparel lies in facts that it give out comfort to wearer. This is likely factors as to why it is worn by huge majorities in the India as well as in overseas also. These fabrics are quite comfortable to wears, durable and cool too. It absorbs sweat and keeps skin dry always and is available in the multi shades and patterns.

indian anarkali suit

Printed Anarkali Suit Design

This latest anarkali suits design in 2016 is just design by the most popular fashion designer Manish Malhotra. This is the best accomplishment or achievement of designers in 2016. This Indian anarkali suit is in off white colour and has net gown. The most beautiful attractive thing about frock is that it has some printed works on it. See and apply these styles for on your anarkali dress.

anarkali suits online shopping Net Anarkali Suit Design:

The net anarkali suits design or style by best fashion designer. These dresses are recently worn by bollywood celebrities or Indian model in 2016 latest fashion. The frock is made in the peach colour net stuff and also has patch works on it which add its attractiveness and beauty. A churidar pajama also the part of this anarkali dresses.

anarkali suits online

Embroidery Anarkali Suit Designs:

The latest anarkali suit design in 2016 collection is mainly made for the wedding occasion and other related events by the fashion designer in 2016. This anarkali frock suit is stitched in the white colour and beautiful net gown or red lace is part of anarkali frock suit. The most important thing which make it beautiful and attractive is it beautiful embroideries and velvet border works.

indian anarkali suits Colourful Anarkali Suit:

Anarkali suit is also designed by best Indian designer according to the latest fashion in 2016. Frock has different looks than other above describe anarkali dresses. These are made in different colours and have beautiful embroideries work on it which is in attractive colour combination and give the best combinations with best colours.


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