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Here is lists of certain “do not” you must follow to let your saree work its best!

  1. Never wear a completely plain saree

Never wear a completely plain saree

Especially with whites and Blacks!! There should be at least a narrow border with the saree to make it look elegant. To break the monopoly experiment a little bit with your blouse.

  1. Never wear too much jewelry

Never wear too much jewelry

A saree in itself is a heavy outfit. You need not load yourself with extra large jewelry. It will give you too much attention and maybe your beautiful saree goes ignored.

  1. No tacky blouses

No tacky blouses

Well, as much as you do like showing off your curves, do not create so much of it when going with a saree. Wearing too low blouses is an insult to the whole outfit. And do not be too covered that it doesn’t make sense at all.

  1. Never wear Wedges or Pedestal heels

Never wear Wedges or Pedestal heels

These are an extreme No with sarees. They look very tacky and you will look nothing but a clown.

  1. Do not carry an oversized bag

Do not carry an oversized bag

A saree has a poise of its own. Always carry a clutch or a small bag. It is a big task to carry the whole outfit. There is simply no need to load you with extra work.

  1. No pleats on Pallu with Nets and Georgette

No pleats on Pallu with Nets and Georgette

These are flowy fabrics. There is just no sense in pleating them at the pallu.

  1. Occasion Mismatch!

Occasion Mismatch

There is nothing more embarrassing than wearing a saree that is just not meant for the occasion. Never wear a too shiny or embellished saree to work unless there is some party or a bland one on a wedding!!!

  1. Too much skin show is Unnecessary

Too much skin show is Unnecessary

As if a saree is not sensual enough??? You need to make a whole big skin show wearing this beautiful outfit. Do not take it personally, but ladies, trust the fabric that you are draping!!!

  1. Don’t tuck it too low

Don’t tuck it too low

Drape the saree at a decent height at your waist. The stunt of pulling it low doesn’t make heads turn!! Well, at least not appreciatively.

Now that you know some basic do not, flaunt the beautiful outfit and carry it the way it’s meant to be!! To shop online sarees USA, UK, Canada, Sri Lanka, Australia, Fiji, Nepal, etc.

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Indian saree has been a standout amongst the most widely recognized Indian ethnic outfits and is each woman’s first choice. No big surprise the outfit works ponders in making you resemble a lady, yet in the event that specific things are skipped, it genuine can look muddled and crude!!!

Here is a neglected of certain DO’s you must to give your saree a chance to work its best –

What to do when wearing a saree?
  1. Take in the basic craft of wearing an Indian saree

Steps Of Wearing Saree in a Perfect Way

The craft of wearing a saree has basic strides. Be that as it may, on the off chance that they are not done legitimately there is a shot you may make a wreck of everything. Observe how to wrap a basic saree. For shopping sarees online USA, visit –

  1. Get the correct Underskirt and Blouse

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The underskirt (slip) must complexity your saree well and you ought to dependably get the pullover sewed according to your need. Free pullovers give an ugly look and will make you awkward.

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  1. Get the correct Fabric and Color

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There are a lot of textures accessible in sarees. Silk, georgette, linen cetera etc. Pick the one that window hangings best around you.

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Additionally, pick the correct shades according to your skin shading. Glittery shades can make you resemble a shining led. While others may make your entire look dull.

  1. Pick the correct Drape for your body shape

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Despite the fact that there are several hanging styles, yet it’s not generally that a wrap would run well with your body sort. We propose you should investigate it on you before showing up.

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  1. Know the wrap style you pick

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In the event that you are testing some new wrap style, ensure you know how to do it all through. You may likewise discover somebody who is great at it and take his/her offer assistance. An awful wrap may make a joke out of you.

  1. Stick up legitimately and as much as required

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To get the saree tucked at appropriate spots, you may utilize a modest bunch of pins and utilize them effectively. Ensure you stick up pleasantly and conceal the pins. Utilizing an excessive number of them may make you resemble a stick pad!!!

  1. Continuously wear your heels before hanging a Saree

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To know the correct length of your saree, you should wear your footwear before hanging it. It would give you the correct tallness and could never require rearrangements. These points especially share for foreigner women who love to wear ethnic wear saree, but didn’t get to notice these points.

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