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What is amazing about our country is that it is culturally diverse and cosmopolitan. So and with such a variety of huge Indian wedding happening throughout the entire year, over every single religious space as well, the new age Indian lady doesn’t as a matter of course need to stay with one set convention as to Indian wedding wear and look. Ladies from the north have adopted bridal subtlety from the south, the other way around as well. Today we might want to impart to you a look at chic and energetic hair embellishment that brides the country over go gaga over.

Different Bridal Hair Accessories

Here some of the best bridal hair jewellery or accessories, worn by the Indian bride and bride maid alike and can be worn for special occasions like wedding, ring ceremony etc.

Best of Indian Bridal Hair Accessories

You could wear the cute a well dressed Indian wedding dresses and hair accessories or jewellery, for weddings, parties, as a bridesmaid or possibly with indo-western wear when you are out with the young ladies for some move and fun!!

If you ever have to braid your hair into one long plait and wouldn’t want to embellish it only with a string of flowers, you have plenty of choices such as the jada billau one to choose from.

1Among the different bridal hair jewellery and accessories worn by the brides in south, the white stone overstated maangtikka with lace pattern seem to be rage.

2Mattha Patti is elegant majestic and royal they come in the various colour, shade, shape, design, pattern and style so on. Choose a neutral shade which would match magnificently with whatever you prefer to wear colour and designs of bridal dresses on her wedding day.

3Christian bride too can looks billion bucks wearing hair accessories such as headband in V shaped made from pearl to match their lovely white Indian wedding sarees or wedding gown.

4Bollywood divas become source of the inspiration showing us how it wears what and when to be wearing and so on. As seen, Deepika, Kalki, and Sonakshi looks stylish and beautiful in these gorgeous head band made from expensive stone and pearl.


The ages, woman have always been engaged by the concepts of beauty. While there are many embellishments to enhance the beauty of a woman, nothing compares to the traditional Indian wear which is known as saree. Indian saree has decorated many beautiful women’s and is so popular that even well recognized celebrity flaunts them at international function. Wedding is the most important occasion in woman’s life. This day, bride is keen to plan confident images on their wedding day by complete and comprehensive planning of their clothes and jewelleries. The wedding Indian sarees is often the attention of any wedding ceremonies. For these reasons, bride takes care to decide their clothes to appear attractive.

indian wedding sareesIndian wedding sarees have been essence of the Indian traditions and cultures. The Indian market is swamped with varieties of wedding collection. This collection includes million of designer jewelleries and clothes in form of wedding wear. The wedding dresses are available in varieties of colours and intricate pattern or design. In India, bride usually adorns yellow, red, maroon or pink coloured wedding saree on their wedding day. This is traditional practices which have been following religiously by generation. However, Indian wedding saree can be availed in the different attractive colours such as violet, orange, yellow, blue etc. Most of the woman love to exhibit wedding designer saree on wedding ceremony and other social function. Designer foot wear and wedding Indian sari have becomes the order of day. The Indian wedding saris are enriching with the intricate embroideries work, mirror work, zari work, stone work etc. These grant an ethereal look and appearance to wearer.

Adorning hands and legs with mehndi designs is considered auspicious in the Indian culture and also in some eastern countries.

This traditional custom has now gained modern look as most brides today wish to adorn their hands and feet in stylish ways but with the henna only.

The Arabic Mehndi Designs for legs serve their purpose in the best possible manner and give these brides a modern and chic appearance.

These designs are less time consuming and impart a different look to wearer, they differ from the traditional Indian Mehndi Designs or the ornamental Rajasthani Mehndi Designs.

Lets take a look at these simple yet elegant Arabic Mehndi Designs to adorn your feet.

1. This design is for the bride’s feet who wish to keep it very simple and minimal. This sideways patterns comprises of a free-flowing pattern with just the flowers and a very bit of detailing. This henna design is quick and easy and is sure to make you look perfect.Beautiful-Foot-Mehndi-Designs-20141.jpg

2. A fine example of Arabian Mehndi Design for you legs. This design will give your feet a fuller and richer look. Free-flowing floral and paisley motifs and a carved lines on the finger tips make it look unique in its own sense.bridal-mehandi-designs.jpg

3. This design is more like the mirror effect that is very common in Rajasthani Mehndi Designs. Both the legs reflect the same look and the enigmatic paisley pattern with dotted outlines and stems impart a scintillating look to the feet.

A must try design, we say !Mehandi Designs for Legs 2.jpg

4. This mehndi design is simple yet grand on eyes. It talks about the nature in abundance with flowers being the center of attention and the stem and leaves completes the whole look. This sideways pattern is a sure shot hit !Mehandi Designs for Legs 3.jpg

5. Again a mirror effect. This design runs from the tips of the thumb finger till the knees, almost. The free-flowing mango leaves and the floral motif at the ankles give it a tremendous look and will definitely add shine to your bridal look on your special day.Mehandi Designs for Legs 4.jpg

6. A very bold design. The flower embossed in the centre of the foot is the most attractive thing in this design. The flower is amazingly shaded and creatively detailed. The mango leaves impart a complete look to this design. The little detailing on the finger tips are a cherry on the cake.

Looks magnificent, right?


7. This design will speak about your style quotient in abundance. It is beautiful, unique and very elegant. Flowers being the centre and mango leaves spreading the charm and with a bit of detailing makes this design a huge hit.

This design will surely make you a trend setter, dear ladies.7f23cda52ba92cdfadd16b6f9f06b437.jpg

8. Simplicity at its best. With the concentric circle winning the hearts away and the leaves above and below the circle looks nothing but spectacular. The red nail paint compliments the design as well as the complexion of the feet. Sometimes, simple things spread immense magic, that no intricacy could ever do. Try this one !Round-leg-mehndi-design.jpg

9. Flowers represent the nature and spreads freshness in the ambiance. The look that this design carries with itself is very fresh. The two flowers at the heel and ankle look mesmerizing and the stems that spread above and below them are stunning. A very fresh design, we say !two flowers at the heel and ankle.jpg

floral mehendi designs for feet10. Best things don’t come easy they say. But according to us sometimes they do.

This design is very simple and very easy. It will consume very less of your time yet it promises to impart the most elegant look ever to your feet. It has only the floral motifs. The flowers on the feet impart your feet a rich look.

The flowers on the ankles looks like you are wearing an anklet. The flowers on the tips are just like the rings on the fingers but the most different thing that this design carries is the filling of color.

The red color is the main centre of attraction as it highlights the otherwise pale design. It also accentuates the color of your skin. A very highly recommended piece of art.

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