Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Preparations for Navratri festival in Ahmadabad

The 9 days of poojas, sweets, foods and covering up dipped in ritual and religion are back. India’s greatest awaited “Navratras” start to praying of 9 deities. “Navratri” means ‘‘nine nights’’ and these 9 nights are filled with grace, garba, dandia, endless calories, festival fashion and never ending fun. These 9 days are often introduced with 9 scheduled colors and a loving fashionista gives no stone unturned in presenting the shade game with God! Let’s say this season of “Navratri” stylishly, each color providing us a perfect new prospect and a styled appearance!

Here’s your occasion to look beautiful and stylish with these 9 outfit views that are high-on-trend-meter this festival season as through these beautiful queens of fashion!  Latest CollectionNavratras” are not only about chania cholis (Gujarati lehenga choli) and dandia nights. For the beauty divas, it’s another possibility to doll up with a completely new fashion week! This season festival is no more about ethnic Indian churidar salwar suits, for we hold a lot more to add and glamorize the conventional traditional attire! Have a glimpse at these uber ethnic outfits of the day’s who might give you an inspirational outfit to groove with 9 aesthetic and stylish looks for this Navratri festival.

  1. Grey For The Baes

Grey For The BaesWho says gray gloomy? Start your “Navratras” with a perfect gray Indian cotton kurtis simple and subtle note. The best you can play a lot of bottom options, making it just a “leg” away from the workspace. Indian cotton kurtis and Punjabi designer salwar suits are the most authentic traditional look. Accessories statement jhumkas, and wear this fashionable mix like a hottie!

  1. Get Playful With Pinks

Get Playful With Pinks
Source – Intoday

Indo-western clothing has always been fashionable; we have the next day to provide you with the perfect clothing, your latest wardrobe smash – maxi skirt! Add a fashionable crop top to your national style, let the crowd high heels. Jaglati with a pink shade to reach a whole new level, this dazzling look, we absolutely learned the lessons from her style courses this season!

  1. Peaceful Bliss With Whites

Peaceful Bliss With Whites

White is one of the most feminine, avant-garde and elegant color in the high fashion world. The linen coat is sure to get the right modern rotation and is the upcoming fall welcome suit. It’s a thumbs up when it comes to comfort and style as well! So go into this perfect style with a pair of silver sneakers and sunglasses and make sure your glamor goal reaches this Navratri.

  1. Spread Love With Red

Spread Love With Red

Let us use some red Indian fashion to create some drama and wealthy. Red is the first festival choice, this amazing Indian anarkali suit is a definite choice. Who dressed and killed? This traditional choice is perfect to carry a style with the top desi stolen goods!

  1. Blue Is The Perfect Hue

Blue Is The Perfect Hue

Yes, the last must have the color of Navratri, the blue color here for our rescue. This blue long coat is a trendy leader of a novelty. This chic equipment is the ideal choice for Gaba night. Soak some blue, let some praise your way to this season.

  1. The Yellow Story

The Yellow Story

Create some misty atmosphere with bright and chirped yellow. Enter this long print skirt to see the elegance of the work. Since the biggest dress and robe are staged during this festival season, you can easily switch between overwhelming office hours and pooja at night. Pair it with the declaration heel and add some extra dashes to your outfit of the day.

  1. Green The Mainstream Color

Green The Mainstream Color

Green is the main color in festivals. The golden jacket is decorated with smooth mirror work; flowing silky green skirt is the perfect combination of contemporary aesthetics and traditional style. In order to change, jump from the traditional mirror work; wear this excellent race chania choli this season.

  1. Go Ethnic With Purple

Go Ethnic With Purple

White and purple occasional wear sarees perfectly draped, will add the right glamor to your wardrobe. Play with the pallu and experiment with some saree curtains if you want, and walk the festival ramp in the dandiya with a voguish hint.

  1. Most Elegant Saffron

Most Elegant Saffron

When we talk about the tradition of India, traditional sarees can never stay outside. Drape some elegance on the day of saffron with this red blouse, and you will certainly be the apple of the eyes for the crowd. Flaunt the 9 yards while wearing this saffron sari as illustrated by puja.

Most Elegant Saffron Saree

This Navratri is all about the shades of happiness with a style reflection! Let’s play the dress for these 9 nights of joy and infinite light that are the best days to play with fashion and style. If you want to takes more differences for your next outfit of the day.


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