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bridal lehenga online

In today’s era, all items are available online, people being not required to go out for buying as they can do it directly from the home with the use of internet connection via their mobile, desktop, tablet. As the online buying is convenient and quick there are many factors shopper need to keep in mind before going further.

Since the festival of Navratri is coming closer, I would like to guide the readers on how and what things are important to check before you buy Indian lehenga online form any e-commerce website.

There are most important points we will talk about below –

1.) What type of Indian Lehenga?

You most likely before now aware but there are selection Indian dseigner lehengas. And mainly when you buy Indian lehenga online for Navratri, you must choose the right one. Not all the place list or category lehenga exclusively for Navratri as it’s a seasonal product, in addition, this day special chaniya cholis or lehenga choli are worn on various occasions.

2.) Paying the Right Price

As you will not be able to feel and think the product while buying online wedding lehenga, it’s very significant to get many facts as likely about the product. Look out for the facts like what work is done on an Indian lehenga. Depending on the design done the cost could fall a lot. We will have a discussion more about work in the next tip but to give you an idea, while machine embroidery and handwork would look kind of the similar product where handmade work is done are more quality product and has the higher rate. So if the facts on the product just say embroideries you must confirm with the trader for the type of embroideries before paying a more cost.

Seem for the flare details of the ghagra (chaniya). Depend on the cloth and work, the shine of ghagra (chaniya) can drastically change the cost.

3.) Which material is better?

Cotton-based Gujarati chaniya choli is the one you should go for where likely. Gujarati chaniya choli in the cotton fabric is the comfiest option for Navratri, as you generally will be sweat while Garba and cotton would help with soaking it earlier. There is the wide range of net Indian bridal lehenga online you will find at e-commerce portal, which is cheaper to buy but would not come with the same comfy as the cotton ones. There are also different fabrics which one must go for are bhagalpuri silk, art silk, bangalori silk, cotton silk.

4.) Work Done on the Lehenga Choli.

Mirror, embroidery, kodi, lace, patch, resham, thread work are few of the most ordinary work applied to Indian  weeding lehengas worn on Navratri. As seen above embroideries can be different types and each type has its cost. Machine work embroidery, Handwork embroidery, zardosi embroidery are the most ordinary. Machine embroideries are relatively lot cheaper than handwork embroideries (where the gold and the silver thread are used).

Kodi, mirror, and lacework are the best for Navratri festive; it gives an outstanding look to the Indian lehenga.

The patchwork is to a good option as it gives multi color appear which suits better to this 9 days festival.

5.) Check the Size and Measurements

It’s totally significant to check the measurements and seller interpretation of size. All sellers may have different construal of the size they sell. One must check the size chart of the seller to see the size and their exact measurement. Since a lehenga choli is made up of 3 pieces, ghagra, choli, and dupatta one should check the measurements of both individually. Blouse (choli) normally appear in size range i.e. 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40, which fits all the sized women, so it should not be an issue but the length must be checked for the blouse (choli). Same apply to the ghagra so the waistline size would be okay but the length is important. As for the women with the short height, they will have to get the ghagra altered and they might end up losing the work by cutting length and for the tall woman, it would have to be absolute. In either situation, the alteration would be done and that can destroy the look of the pieces. So must ensure with the trader for exact information in order.

6.) Other

The additional factors you must look for –

a.) The flare of the ghagra, No of kadi in the ghagra.

b.) No of inside layer in the ghagra.

c.) Material of the inside layer.

d.) Work in the Dupatta.

e.) Length of the Dupatta.

Indian Film Industry is unquestionably the most popular media of inspiration when it comes to Indian bridal lehengas. From the fashionable designer cuts to hand embroideries, our celebrities get to flaunt it all. Indian fashion designers are no less than any other high – end designers of the world, and sure they do an outstanding job when it comes to the Wedding outfits of our gorgeous bollywood divas. Bollywood celebrities are the most special brides of the nation and so are their bridal Indian lehenga. They put so much effort in finding out the right color and fit, and of course our designers make it possible for them.

Here is a look at the top Indian bridal lehengas online by bollywood celebrities –

indian bridal lehenga online shopping
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Source – DaIndiaShop. For more collection of bridal lehengas online visit –

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Indian brides today self-conscious might like to bare their arm, but that do not means 3/4th sleeve or full sleeve Indian bridal lehenga are not in vogue. In autumn wedding, bride would especially prefer 3/4th sleeve or full sleeve Indian bridal lehengas choli that add a touch of elegance to the otherwise traditional dress. You can choose from sheer sleeve, sleeve embroidered with design; there are literally millions of choices to help you add a royal look to your cholis lehenga. Feel like a princess wedding that you are in following 7 trendy Indian bridal lehenga choli online with full sleeves for autumn wedding. We have specially handpicked for bride.

Brown Circular Indian Bridal Lehenga Choli with Mirror and Resham Work. The Ghagra is Nicely Made with Resham Lace Work.

indian bridal lehengaFancy Fabric and Off – White Pretty Circular Indian Bridal Lehenga Choli with Crystals Stones and Bead Work. The Ghagra is Nicely Made with Resham Lace and Stone Work.

indian bridal lehengasPretty Circular Indian Bridal Lehenga Choli in Deep Scarlet with Resham Lace Work Dupatta. The Ghagra is Nicely Made with Embroidery Resham Work and Lace Work.

indian bridal lehenga onlineDupioni Raw Silk Fabric Brown Color A – Line Indian Bridal Lehenga Choli with Lace Work Dupatta. The Ghagra is Nicely Made with Butta Work and Crystals Stones Work.

indian bridal lehengas onlineDupioni Raw Silk Fabric Brown Pretty Indian Bridal Lehenga Choli in Traditional Look. The Ghagra is Nicely Made with Resham Work and Butta Work.

bridal lehengaDupioni Raw Silk Fabric Crimson Pretty A – Line Bridal Indian Lehenga with Lace Work bridal Dupatta. The Ghagra is Nicely Made with Resham Work and Butta Work.

bridal lehengasDupioni Raw Silk Fabric and Blue Pretty A – Line Bridal Lehenga Choli in traditional looks. The Ghagra is Nicely Made with Crystals Stone, Resham Lace and Butta Work.

bridal lehenga online

indian lehenga

A bride to be weaves myriad of beautiful dream for her wedding – starting from thinking of future with her price charming of dream to preparing for the wedding. Find the right Indian bridal lehenga is one of the most cheerful and happy aspects of wedding.

indian bridal lehengaNow a day there are umpteen choices in Indian lehenga to choose from – whether it is vibrant colour of the ghagra or novel cut of the traditional blouse.  From fish cut Indian lehenga with it’s emphasize shape to circular Indian lehenga with its big ghagra these lehenga will grace the brides on most special and important day of her life or her wedding day.

bridal lehenga online

You can choose for blouse with twist of modern which varies from corset, bikini pattern top, back less to halter neck line and strap less.

  • Green Indian bridal lehenga
  • Pink Indian bridal lehenga
  • Maroon Indian bridal lehenga
  • Fish Cut Indian bridal lehenga
  • Sea Green Indian bridal lehenga
  • Peach Shaded Indian bridal lehenga
  • A Line Indian bridal lehenga
  • Circular Indian bridal lehenga
  • Indian anarkali lehenga
  • Half saree lehenga
  • Indian lehenga with jacket
  • Sharara design Indian lehenga
  • Panelled design Indian lehenga
  • Fishtail Indian lehenga
  • Flared cut Indian lehenga

bridal lehengas online


In today’s era, all items are available online, people being not required to go out for buying as they can do it directly from...