Have You Decided What You Are Wearing This Christmas?

Have you decided what you are wearing this Christmas? How about an indo western dress. It’s the modern take on the dress. Half saree is draped in a glamorous way.

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It looks really nice indo western fusion vibe. It is also best for those who find it hassle to drape traditional attire or to waltz just about in the traditional wrap but still you look and beauty of Indian saree.

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There are many ways to drape indo western dress; you can go for a dhoti saree, half saree, lehenga saree etc.

In the old era, for the sake of newness, a lot of experimentation has been done with pallu of saree. People were mostly on the extreme poles for this look, either they loved it or hated it. I personally did not like much playing with the pallu part of the saree.

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Although in this look, pallu of a saree remains intact, exactly the traditional style while you are draping the rest of the saree (the part of saree that goes around your waist) in a different way, maintaining the grace of the saree and also showing your creativity and that you are open to new ideas.

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Bollywood celebrities have often been spotted sporting this type of look.

You can pair your saree with a short blouse or a traditional style heavy blouse with a lightweight chiffon saree.

Put on some chunky necklace and your favorite stilettos and you will look every bit a diva this Christmas.


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