A saree is an Indian traditional wear. It makes you look charismatic and elegant. This attire has grabbed a strong hold in the fashion industry and is also being adored by the international celebrities like Oprah Winfrey.

Sarees have gained too much attention these days as the younger generation of the Bollywood industry is seen dazzling in it to every red carpet ceremony. But mastering the art of wearing a saree is a must or else you might end up looking dull and disastrous.

Here are a few points you must  keep in mind while wearing a saree –

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1. The Ultra- low Waist

A saree is all about grace and somehow managing to look vulgar even in a saree is a huge failure. Trying new ideas and something trendy is good but that does not mean that you would fail to understand the simplicity of a saree.

Low waist till the navel is a good option but anything beyond that marks a vulgar region. A saree is certainly there to make you look curvaceous but not in the wrong way. You want show-off your abs, go for sheer saree in net or Georgette.


2. The Right Blouse


Well, these days the women have been very busy experimenting the designs of Sarees. But remember a blouse is there to enhance the beauty of your saree and not to take away from it. The blouse should perfectly fit your body and the design must compliment your body type.

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Always follow the simple rule of wearing a heavy blouse with a simple saree and vice-versa.

3. Embellishments on a Saree

Heavy embroidery or sequins or lace work or may be anything for that matter looks good but not too much of it is ever appreciated. Adding too much bling may get to attention but not in the right way. You might end up being the laughing stock of public. Even adding too much of jewellery will spoil your look.

Go for subtle piece of earrings or necklaces. So, keep it simple and graceful.


Looks like all the jewellery in her closet has been put on her. Don’t wear so much bling until you are the bride yourself.

4. Right Drape

Lately we have seen various Bollywood celebrities experimenting with the styles in which they can drape their saree and to admit not all have been successful and even some have become the butt of ridicule for their fans.

Yes, it is true that you can drape a saree in various way but if you don’t know the way yourself or even your designer does not hold a good command over it, LET IT GO !! Pallu is indeed the most important part of a Saree. It decides the overall look of a saree and hence your appearance. Choose the style of your pallu by keeping in your mind your body type. Keep the length and the draping of it really clean and poised.

Try to look Indian !!


5. Footwear


Your footwear tend to add the x-factor to your appearance and sometimes they take it off too. So, go for high heels and stilettos and say a NO to platform heels or wedges or flats for that matter

6. Mismatch

Never mismatch your accessories with your saree. Choose the right ones like a small matching clutch, right amount of makeup and hairstyle and of course the subtle pieces of jewellery.



Also, keep in mind that light weight and subtle colors are a total misfit for a formal function and similarly, the shimmery and over fine fabrics are a total NO for Office parties.

7. Adding too many aides

It is good to use safety pins to manage your saree because when you will pin it up at the right places it will become really easy to carry it. But make sure that the pins are not visible because that might lead you to unnecessary embarrassing situations. Be Careful !!


Since, you have read the proper guidelines to wear a Saree We’re sure you would keep them in mind while wearing it the next time.

But the most important thing that makes you look enchanting is your confidence.

You can very easily carry-off any risky design if you have the confidence to do it. If you will remain nervous people will start picking up at you for all the wrong reasons but if you reflect confidence (even fake!!) people will never underestimate you.

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So, ladies with these points in your mind go and look ravishing as ever.

Now then with all the right steps to wear a saree it’s time to request to you to help us with more points that you might have in your mind. Any comment or compliment. Or anything else that you want us to take up in the next article.

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